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The Challenges of Southern African Regional Integration

This week, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) leaders met in Angola to discuss the usual wishlist for greater regional integration — common tariffs, free trade, governance and security frameworks, etc. In a brief interview with Radio France International this week (after about minute 8:00), I highlighted some of the reasons why we’re unlikely to … Continue reading

Review of Peter Godwin’s THE FEAR – The Last Days of Robert Mugabe

In his latest book, The Fear: The Last Days of Robert Mugabe, Peter Godwin delivers a superbly written account of contemporary Zimbabwean politics. But it is no pleasure read. We all knew that Mugabe was a bad guy, but Godwin bears witness to the almost unthinkable acts of terror that this dictator carried out against … Continue reading

Tsvangirai and “Early” Elections in Zimbabwe

Virtually every credible observer agrees that Robert Mugabe robbed Morgan Tsvangirai of Zimbabwe’s presidency following the 2008 elections. And Tsvangirai almost surely maintains more popular support. But he is not calling for a quick re-match — on the contrary, he’s been threatening a boycott should elections be announced. Mugabe’s push for early presidential and parliamentary … Continue reading