Robert Mugabe

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New Constitutional Deal in Zimbabwe

Amazing, but presumably true, BBC News reports that Morgan Tsvangirai and Robert Mugabe have struck a deal on a new constitution that will pave the way for elections. I guess what really shocks me is the photo: After reading Peter Godwin’s book on Mugabe’s reign of terror, which documents the devastating violence committed against Tsvangirai; … Continue reading

Bob Mugabe’s Birthday of gay- and foreigner-bashing

When you’ve ruined a country, blaming other people is definitely an appealing political strategy: low cost, and often pretty effective. Long-time dictator Robert Mugabe played this tired song once more at his recent 88th birthday party in Mutare… NGOs come with these stupid ideas, some to destabilise us. Quite often they support one party. We … Continue reading

Mugabe and the very best fast food chicken

Even if you are not a big fan of fast food, if you travel through Southern Africa, you really do need to sample Nando’s — a truly delicious and increasingly ubiquitous Portuguese-style chicken emporium. In good fun, they feature our friend, Robert Mugabe, in a recent commercial… which due to a few political sensitivities was … Continue reading