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Successful AIDS tax in Zimbabwe

Sometimes it’s easier to assume that everything is worse in Zimbabwe.  A failing kleptocracy, with a president who makes everyone’s short-list of despicable tyrants, Zim always provides ample ammunition for arguments about the superiority of democratic governance for human development. And yet, the government has had a fairly successful AIDS levy, which the UN reports … Continue reading

AIDS Study Marks Prevention Breakthrough With Antiretroviral Drugs – WSJ.com

AIDS Study Marks Prevention Breakthrough With Antiretroviral Drugs – WSJ.com. This is very exciting news — for a long time, AIDS activists made the claim that offering treatment to people who are HIV-positive was a good strategy for prevention, because without access to treatment, why would anyone get tested? And if you didn’t know your … Continue reading

Global governance of hiv, health

The UNAIDS/IAS workshop concluded yesterday. The most interesting aspect of the day’s session was the consideration of the “global governance” of HIV, which is the configuration of international institutions and actors that try to shape policies, services, behaviors, etc. relevant to the control of the epidemic. The speakers were right to point out some concerns … Continue reading

World TB Day — not today’s top story

Amidst the disaster in Japan, what looks a lot like war in Libya, other developments in the Middle East, and so on, “World TB day,” didn’t get much attention today. Even the WHO’s home page top story concerns the efforts to address the damage from the March 11 natural disasters. And of course, that makes … Continue reading