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Meeting (or not) the Millenium Development Goals

I’ve heard that self-help books offering recipes for success tend to highlight the importance of setting goals. (Not that I’ve ready any, of course — this is purely second hand information.) Anyway, I believe it. But does setting goals for reducing poverty for the whole world have any impact on that outcome? Hard to know. … Continue reading

Wind and water energy project in Lesotho

Quite the week for alternative energy stories in Africa, just as the Republican candidates in the U.S. bash President Obama for (admittedly unsuccessful) efforts to advance green energy here… Lesotho, the landlocked kingdom in the belly of South Africa, is reportedly slated to go forward with a $15 billion project to develop wind- and water-harnessing … Continue reading

China‚Äôs growing influence in South Africa may displace the U.S.

China’s huge investments in Africa are a source of concern for many observers. On the optimistic side, at least some of the resulting infrastructure, growth, and investment, will benefit at least some African citizens. But the pessimistic story is also pretty compelling — the Chinese government has been using its economic clout to push its … Continue reading

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