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Botswana public sector strike persists, threatens

I am actually pretty stunned that Botswana’s public sector strike still has not been resolved after 6 weeks. An estimated 100,000 employees have stayed away from their jobs, including at major public hospitals. President Khama says he’s resolved to stand his ground against demands for a 16 percent pay hike in the context of a … Continue reading

Updates on Botswana and Swaziland Protests

I wanted to update the fallout from the Swazi protests and the strike in Botswana, which I posted earlier. In the case of Swaziland, government repression appears to have quieted things down, with the regime taking advantage of the term “terrorist” to justify brutality to its own citizens. Today, two activists were denied bail for illegal possession … Continue reading

Protests in typically calm (aka docile) Botswana

I’ve been pretty surprised to read about the extent to which public servants have acted collectively and stayed away from work this week, protesting three years of stagnant wages. We’re not used to seeing much in the way of mass action in Botswana. The country is a unique case as the most stable and fastest … Continue reading