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How Mozambique is anticipating the resource curse

Interesting article on how Mozambique and several other countries are trying to avoid the fate of the “resource curse” following discoveries of coal and gas within their territories. Will be very interesting to see if such self-conscious awareness of the potential for conflict can be addressed through early institutional planning. If so, will really give … Continue reading

Rich Angolans in Portugal

Another story (this one from AlJazeera) about rich Angolans buying up fancy properties and other luxury items in Lisbon. I’m not sure why this so captures my imagination? On the one hand, there is the clear tragedy that oil wealth is leaving the country to serve a privileged and politically-connected few, while most of the … Continue reading

When the tables are turned: Angolan capital and Portuguese debt

While Portugal suffers from Euro-zone ailments, including an expected contraction in GDP, Angola has been rapidly increasing its presence in this European economy. Flush with cash from high oil prices, Angolan companies have been buying up shares on the Portuguese stock exchange. Meanwhile, Angolan President Eduardo Dos Santos is negotiating opportunities with his Portuguese counterpart, … Continue reading