Liberty Book Quantitative Data

Replication Code and Quantitative Data

Until We Have Won Our Liberty: South Africa after Apartheid

Below, please find additional figures, analyses, datasets, and replication code for my recently published book.

Table of Contents

1. All Analyses

The files below present all primary quantitative data and analyses, organized by chapter. If you are interested in seeing the outputs, consult the PDF file. If you are interested in replicating these outputs using R, consult the .Rmd file. 

2. Summary of Datasets

This file presents a table summarizing all the quantitative data sources, including their source and the chapters in which they appear. 

3. Dataset Download Instructions

This file outlines all the required steps to download and prepare each quantitative data source used for primary analyses.

4. Replication Code, By Chapter

The files below present code for conducting all primary quantitative analyses in R, organized by chapter. Each file is commented to explain the steps taken to produce the output.

5. Additional Analyses

This file presents an overview of existing research on poverty and inequality in post-apartheid South Africa. The analysis was used to draw the conclusions on social transfers outlined in Chapter 7, endnote 40.