Anti-gay legislation from Charles Taylor’s ex-wife

More anti-gay bills in West Africa… Jewel Howard Taylor, former wife of former Liberian president Charles Taylor is using her time as Senator in this war-torn country to advance a bill that would make same-gender sexual relations a felony. If convicted, such a crime would warrant punishment ranging from 10 years in jail to death.

And Nobel prize winner Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has remained silent on the issue.

The issue continues to heat up owing to the pressure of the U.S. and the U.K. to consider gay rights as human rights over the past year. According to the AFP,

A few weeks after the United States in December announced it would consider gay rights when handing out aid, the Movement in Defence of Gay and Lesbian Rights in Liberia began to push for the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

This was roundly condemned and the leaders of the movement — none of them gay — were mobbed and had to be rescued by police when they tried to campaign at a university campus.

The U.S. gives quite a bit of aid to Liberia. The question is whether we will put our money where are mouths are and actually cut back assistance because of this issue, even as American influence on the continent wanes in the face of massive Chinese investment. Would such a stance fly well with the American electorate? There may be mixed support for gay marriage, but I’m pretty sure that a healthy majority of Americans would recognize death-for-sodomy as a massive human rights violation… and since enthusiasm for foreign aid is not so high to begin with, there would not be much backlash were the U.S. government to tighten the screws. The bigger question would be whether the Liberians would simply tell us to take a walk and highlight their rights to “cultural sovereignty.”

7 thoughts on “Anti-gay legislation from Charles Taylor’s ex-wife

  1. Correction: Please Disregard my first comment-this is the right one:
    I appreciate the fact that Hon. Jewel Howard has the bone to fight against the so called America and UK “Homosexual” Agenda. One of the principal reasons for which America has not legalized the homosexual-Same Sex Marrage is because it is a crime against Traditional Civil Marriage. Same Sex Marriage is not a human rights issue. Rather, it is a code value of human dignity and longivity of life.

    Thousands of Americans are suffering and dying from homosexual diseases everyday and if America has the medications as they claim to fight these diseases and they are invoking such reward, how much more Africa. Liberians cannot afford trading in their Code Value of Human Dignity for dollars and cents. To accept the American and UK homosexual agenda lays the ground work for African Fathers to have sex with their daughters, mothers with sons as well as brothers with sisters. America and the UK have a hidden agenda. Watchout! Liberia.

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