Uwezo Kenya 2011 National Report Launch Today! :: Uwezo.net

Uwezo Kenya 2011 National Report Launch Today! :: Uwezo.net.

Today, our four field coordinators are in place to observe the launch/release of the 2011 Uwezo learner assessment results in two Kenyan provinces. Uwezo’s report, available at the link above, provides very detailed information on learner attainment across Kenyan counties, and on a range of other relevant indicators, including student and teacher attendance. While there is a lot of variation within Kenya, the fact that in the context of free primary education, in many districts, half of children are out of school… is sobering.

And as I wrote about earlier, on most scores, Kenya is performing better than East African neighbors, Uganda and Tanzania.

In the weeks to come, we will assess the diffusion of and responses to the release of this information.

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