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More reflections on Kenya

I thought I would post a few other pictures from my recent trip. First, is an image of the “store” set up in one of the schools in Nyanza that we visited. It reminded me of the store my first grade son set up in his classroom this year.

primary school store

…But what did not remind me of my son’s school was this leaky, corrugated tin roof, which must be a disaster during the long, rainy season.

primary school roof

Here is a picture of myself with Richard, one of our two Kenyan field coordinators, in front of the home of a village elder.

Evan and Richard

And on the way home, we drove by this bus, which several hours earlier had turned over. The roads are a serious safety hazard. We could not tell how many people were seriously injured, as many people were hanging around outside the bus, who seemed fine. But it’s hard to imagine an accident like that one without injuries.

Overturned Bus

About Evan Lieberman

I am a Professor of Political Science at MIT, and I conduct research, write, and teach about development, ethnic politics, and research methods.


One thought on “More reflections on Kenya

  1. I loved reading more about the trip. I passed your blog address on to the Princeton in Africa intern who helped Jessica with the survey. I thought she would enjoy seeing what happened with it.

    Posted by Cordelia Persen | June 21, 2011, 11:46 am

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