Google expanding in Africa

I just received the following posting from an African studies list serve — that Google is hiring in Africa. I re-post it here because some readers might be interested in applying for the jobs… but of broader significance, the message highlights that internet connectivity is rapidly expanding in Africa, and Google obviously feels that they need people “on the ground” to penetrate the market.

Google continues to work on making the Internet be part of everyday
life in  Africa and to grow various teams in the region. We believe
that people are our most important asset so we are looking to hire the
most qualified professionals. When considering candidates, we value
local knowledge in addition to international experience and
exceptional academic achievement.

Google is hiring for these following locations in: East Africa
(Kenya/Uganda), Francophone Africa (Senegal), Nigeria, South Africa
and West/Central Africa (Ghana). There are roles open in various
areas: Business Operations and Development, Engineering Operations and
Management, Legal & Public Policy, Marketing and Communications and

Please do not hesitate to share this email and my contact information
with your network locally and globally.

If anyone is interested in joining Google, please email a
chronological resume to:

Thank you,

Nabil Khatib
Mountain View, CA

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